Mark and assay


All our pieces in silver or gold are certified by INCM - assay offices of Porto.

By guaranteeing the fineness of precious metal alloys, the INCM Assay Offices ensure the required protection of the consumer and a fair competition among the different economic agents.

The INCM Assay Offices provide that guarantee by verifying the legal fineness (parts per thousand of precious metals contained in an alloy) and applying the hallmark next to the manufacturer or equivalent responsibility mark. Hallmark application is not mandatory for silver pieces weighting less than 2 g.

In case of doubt about hallmark, you can ask for verification at INCM services.  

Pedrasriscas Lda, owner of brands Docci, Docci Colore, Docci Jewelry and Twee, is registered at INCM  with the licenses: P211073 and P330005

For further information see the website of the INCM, through the link:

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