Tips and care

Tips and care


Our jewels are made of sterling silver, which means an alloy composed of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. In Portugal this is the alloy with the highest percentage of pure silver used to make jewelry.

The chemical phenomenon called oxidation can cause a change in the original jewel color. This color change is not change in quality or content of the alloy used. It is a natural and superficial change, occurring in greater or lesser degree depending on factors as diverse as the proximity of the sea, the PH of the skin, or how the jewelry is stored. With a simple cleaning your jewelry back to the original color.

Our brands, Docci, Docci Colore and Twee also use other fine materials, such as: zirconia, natural stones, gold, fine fabrics, cotton pompons and silk threads. Some of these materials are more sensitive and we recommend some precautions to help maintain the beauty and the brilliance of your jewel.


In use

Avoid contact with chemical products such as perfumes, cosmetics, pool chlorine and cleaning products;

Avoid the action of the sun and heat on the jewels;

Hand cream, deodorant and fragrance should be placed a few minutes before putting your jewels;

Remove your jewelry whenever develop heavy manual work, avoiding scratches, stone breaking or contact with chemicals;

Avoid contact of the piece with water, even without chemicals, especially for parts with silk;

Note that people who have high uric acid content, or who are making use of some medicine may darken the pieces in silver.


In Cleaning

After use, clean your jewel with a dry cloth to remove the residue of cosmetics and sweat. Doing so often will be contributing for durability and beauty of it. Small caresses that your jewel will be grateful!

Silver jewelry without stones: Line the bottom of a baking dish with a sheet of aluminum foil and place the parts on the sheet. Spread baking soda on the pieces and put hot water on top. Let the parts stay immersed in this solution for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove them and rub them gently with a cloth. Pass under running water and dry them. Use a tack cloth to shine.

Jewelry with pearls and mother of pearl: Wipe them with dry flannel or cotton. One can also use a mild soap and cold water without soaking, as moisture weakens the silk thread. Pearls and mother of pearl gloss earn slightly rubbed with olive oil or almond oil.

Jewelry with stones: Products that can be use in cleaning jewels with stones, vary depending on the stone itself. Our recommendation is that you only use a dry cloth. Thus there will be no risk of damaging your piece.

Jewelry with leather cord: Wipe them with dry flannel or cotton. There are special flannels for cleaning silver jewels, which help to renew the shine of the piece. You can use this type of flannel in all silver parts.

Jewels with pompom: Wipe them with dry flannel or cotton. There are special flannels for cleaning parts in silver, which help to renew the shine of the piece. You can use this type of flannel in all silver parts. The pompons can lose their shape, leaving more open wires. Spend your hand by water and then by pompom, as if combing it in a way that retrieves the original format, but without water it too much.

Never boil your jewels with detergents. Heat and chemicals are enemies of jewelry.

For a more satisfactory cleaning seek the services of a professional.



In storage

Do not store your jewels on each other. Pearls, precious stones and metals have different degrees of hardness and can be scratched. Ideally, wrapping them individually (in tissue paper, velvet or suede) to avoid suffering friction, which may cause scratches, breakage, and rust.


To prevent oxidation of silver, store them in a impermeable container or in plastic bags with zipper. You can also place a silica gel bag in the compartment to store the parts.


Do not let your pearls stored for a long time in places without ventilation because they need to breathe. It is best to wrap them in tissue paper and store them in drawers, boxes or cases not lined.