About us

About us

PEDRASRISCAS LDA is a young company that was born in 2011 with the firm intention of establishing itself in the jewelry market.

Going beyond the conventional definition of jewelry, we believe that besides the fundamental characteristics that define a piece of adornment as jewlery, our pieces should have something more, evidencing the broadest meaning of the word “jewel”;




In this sense, our jewelry pieces:

- Are made with noble metals, silver and gold and superior stones: zirconia and gem, but also:

- Are produced with handcraft techniques, giving authenticity to the piece;

-Hold an associated theme and message, showing a certain feeling and esteem of the person who offers to the one who receives it;

- Say something about the one who uses it;

- Evidence a moment, a date or a desire.


PEDRASRISCAS LDA aims to stand out in the online market as a reference in online commerce, providing an excellent customized service, simplifying the purchase and giving maximum security.

Docci, the first brand from PEDRASRISCAS, was launched in the middle of 2012, offering a product with unique characteristics and with a conduct based on local partnerships and on the concept “Made with love, in Portugal “.  At that time and in a challenging economic context, the program Docci defined as fundamental points: beauty of the product, prices, price-quality ratio, and differentials. Uniting the key points with the very ambition of this project, a simple brand was born, but with a well-defined and well crafted positioning variables. Pieces of Docci have a theme and carry with them a message associated with this theme. A great idea for offers that carry something else: Friendship, Love, Success, Congratulations, Protection are some of the themes of the pieces Docci.

In 2013 we launched a new range: the Docci Colore. Versatile and with affordable pieces, the Docci Colore is a touch of grace and color to compose simple but very elegant style of Docci consumers.

In 2014 the PEDRASRISCAS expands its portfolio with the launch of the brand Twee, a Portuguese-Brazilian partnership. Twee was created thinking of people who want to take someone or something precious always with them! It is a brand for moms, grandmas, aunties, godmothers, sisters and more .... many surprises to come.

Noteworthy is the originality of its first piece: the necklace "baby on the way." Twee is the first brand that has a jewel for the future mom with a fun way of communicating who is coming on the way: boy or girl!

Committed to establish and maintain a performance partnership with its environment: customers, suppliers, employees, PEDRASRISCAS bases its conduct on the values: excellence in service, fair trade, respect for the consumer and social responsibility. In brief our belief, focus and motivation: