Docci Brand

Docci Brand






Docci is a jewelry brand that mixes a careful design with noble materials such as natural stones and sterling silver.


More than a completely handmade jewel, Docci is an offering that carries affection, attention and intention. And also a feeling!


Female jewels are always been much more than an adornment. They represent states of mind and soul. They show a lot about the personality of the woman and the message she wants to communicate to those around her.


Docci brand was created with this premise in its genesis: create original and quality jewelry, beautiful objects of desire, which are unique by  the meaning and intent of the message that accompanies each piece.

Docci brand was conceived, designed and produced to be used by happy women, women who like to give gifts with meaning, but also like to gift themselves with beautiful pieces.


Pieces are handmade with natural stones and precious metals such as gold and sterling silver, as well as fine fabrics, like silk.


Get to know Docci collection. The beauty of its composition and the theme, which will be revealed in the message that accompanies each piece.