Terms and Conditions

1. Company

PEDRASRISCAS LDA is the company that owns Docci and Twee brands, and is in charge of online sales of both brands. The company is headquartered in Maia – Portugal.

TWEE, DOCCI and DOCCI COLORE pieces are made using craft and traditional techniques, with natural stones and noble metals such as gold and sterling silver, as well as fine fabrics, such as silk. All pieces are properly legalized at The INCM Assay Offices (The Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office).The INCM Assay Offices provide that guarantee by verifying the legal fineness (parts per thousand of precious metals contained in an alloy) and applying the hallmark next to the manufacturer or equivalent responsibility mark.

For more information please check the side menu on our website: Portuguese Hallmarking System.
All pieces are accompanied by : Certificate of Authenticity and materials to make the package on offer.
All parts sold are in accordance with Portuguese law.
All photos of Twee’s pieces are quality and try to be as close as possible of the real colors. However there may be variations due to lighting conditions, adjustment of equipment or the type of screen where it is displayed as well as some publications use artistic resources. It should also point out that when it comes to natural stone nature does not follow patterns, each stone is unique, and these can vary in color and vein.
Prices are expressed in Euro ( € ) and US Dolar ( $ ) include VAT at the prevailing rate .

3. Responsibilities
PEDRASRISCAS declines any liability in case of violation of the legislation of the country where the products are delivered. We kindly ask our customers to check with local authorities the conditions for importation or use of the products you want to order.
Remember that if you are ordering outside the European Union, your order is subject to customs duties assigned by your country, over which we have no influence.
In the event an order is detained by the customs authorities, and will be assigned a rate, it is no longer possible to reverse the process. The fee is your responsibility, under penalty of the order be retained by the authorities. In this case, and as PEDRASRISCAS have no way of getting the order, the order amount will not be refunded.
PEDRASRISCAS is not responsible for damages caused to the user by the use of the Internet network due to interference, external intrusions, interruptions, computer viruses, faults or disconnections of the computer system or any other.

4. Obligations of Customers
The Customer and the User shall comply with these terms and conditions and abide by them. Undertake in particular to fulfill the following obligations:
        1) Do not use false identities;
        2) Provide personal data and correct addresses to ensure correct processing of  your orders.

PEDRASRISCAS disclaims any liability for any delay or inability to process your order , including the act of delivery, due to error or lack of data communicated by the Customer .

5. Conducting Online Order
Tto begin your purchase simply enter the virtual shopping cart all the items you wish to purchase. Note that some items have a choice of size or color.
After selecting the items, you should choose the form of payment: Cash, Paypal or Bank Transfer , and then must correctly enter your details .
You must follow all the steps of purchase for it to be successfully completed. Your order will be shipped after confirmation of payment.
The validation of the order assumes that the client has learned and accepted the Terms and Conditions.

6 .Forms of Payment
Bank Transfer

7 . Availability of Goods
Products that appear as available on our website are in stock and are processed for delivery upon confirmation of the respective payment. The satisfaction of our customers' orders on time is our goal, however we safeguard any change in this period due to exceptional circumstances, especially in terms of orders volume, industry strikes, transportation problems and consignments.
Deliveries are made only on weekdays.
Any delay in delivery, given the estimated dates presented, does not confer the right to compensation.

8 . Delivery Expenditure
The product is packed with great care to avoid damage during transport to ensure full customer satisfaction .

8.1 Charges
Portugal ( mainland and islands ) : 2€

Europe: 5€ 

Rest of World : 10€

8.2 Delivery
Normally deliveries are made on the day on which the payment is made (valid for weekdays and payments until 15:00 pm) . Delivering will be done via Registered CTT. The delivery times listed below are indicated by CTT. We suggest however that considers one day more to Portugal and Europe, and 4 days for the rest of the world , in order to safeguard any unforeseen on shipping. This term does not consider wait times at customs , in cases where applicable .


Portugal. 1 working day

Europe: 3 working days
Rest of World : 5 working days


9 . Returns and Exchanges
Under its policy of Customer Satisfaction , and pursuant to applicable law , PEDRASRISCAS enables the exchange or return ( terminate the contract ) products, within 15 days from the date of its receipt by the Client , without payment and without giving any reason.
To do so, the Customer must notify its intention by writing via email or letter to PEDRASRISCAS . Products must be returned within 14 days of its receipt accompanied by the respective invoice. After your contact, we wil send the necessary information so you can return.
Under no circumstances send items without our prior contact.
The return and exchange products must comply with the following conditions :
• Only will be accepted for return parts that come with the SEAL INTACT part ;
• Refund of products in good condition with no sign of use , and complete with original packaging and other information accompanying the product including manuals , warranty certificates , protective films security labels and accompanied by the respective invoice ;
• Do not accept exchanges for customized products according to customer specifications ;
• The transportation of the product is your responsibility , including costs , loss, damage this may suffer during transport and delays .
All products will be checked on arrival at our service and will only be accepted for exchange or return those who comply with the conditions of return .
If you opt for the refund of report that:
• Shipping costs or charges will not be refunded ; • Refund will be made ​​after a careful inspection of the condition of the product;
In case of exchange or court report that:
• Shipping costs will be charged ;
The PEDRASRISCAS reserves the right not to accept products that do not meet these conditions .

10 . Guarantee and After Sales Service
All TWEE parts are checked for quality control minimizing the possibility of sending defective parts.
If the acquired part of any defect, must report the same to the PEDRASRISCAS , within 60 days , stating your invoice number and description of the anomaly . The cost of shipping product outside the specifications shall be borne by PEDRASRISCAS .
Upon receipt of the piece in our facilities, we will check the technical and, if we test the anomaly will do the replacement and shipping to your address without any extra charge .
If the technical verification detect signs of misuse ( eg . Falling , humidity , etc. ) will be contacted to tell us whether you want to proceed Repair Part , where the cost of repair and shipping will take place at your own risk .
All the jewels need maintenance care . The TWEE parts are produced with noble but delicate materials and should take some precautions . We recommend that you read the information posted on the website at: CARING FOR YOUR JEWELS .

11 . Applicable Law
Applicable to any contractual relationship established through legislation this site is the Portuguese law.
To settle any and all emerging conflict of any contract under these Terms of Sale shall be the competent District Court of Maia with express waiver of any other .