How to chose the size of your ring?


The best way to check the size of your finger is through a finger sizer. If not possible, we recommend the following procedure:

-   Print the attached document, selecting the option "actual size” (or size 100%). To ensure that the measures are correct, confirm that the side of the square is 2 cm or 20 mm.

-  Take a ring with the size of the one you want to buy (same hand and same finger), and place it on the printed circles. The drawn circle must correspond to the inner edge of the ring and not to the outer

If you use the above method, you can make your order by the corresponding number.

If you measure your finger with a finger sizer, please indicate in the comments the size and the country where you measured. We use Portugal gauges, but we will convert the data you send us. Note that the measure in Brazil follows the same pattern but is not the same.

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