Sterling Silver medallions and chains

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Motherpearl medallion

Product no.: 52CL806
95.00 *

Motherpearl Medallion with sterling silver chain

Product no.: 52CL805

Sterling silver chain with a medallion

165.00 *

Sterling Silver chain with motherpearl medallion

Product no.: 52CL512

Sterling Silver chain wiht motherpearl medallion

165.00 *

Sterling Silver and Gold Medallion

Product no.: 52CL807
Sterling Sivler medallion, with gold details and zirconias
95.00 *

Sterling Silver Chain with Cicular Medallion

Product no.: 52CL810

Sterling Silver Chain with circular medallion

165.00 *

Sterling Silver Chain with Cicular Medallion T-clasp

Product no.: 52CL811

Sterling silver chain with medallion

165.00 *

Sterling Silver hand chain necklace

Product no.: 52CL809
95.00 *


Product no.: 52CL812
165.00 *


Product no.: 52CL813

Sterling Silver charming chain and medallion

165.00 *

Sterling Silver long necklace Mandala Medallion

Product no.: 52CL808
Sterling Silver necklace with mandala medallion
75.00 *

Sterling silver Charming Chain Necklace

Product no.: 52CL800
from 60.00 *

Sterling silver Charming chain necklace

Product no.: 52CL801
from 60.00 *

Sterling Silver charming chain necklace

Product no.: 52CL802
from 50.00 *

Sterling silver charming chain T-clasp

Product no.: 52CL803
from 95.00 *

Sterling silver men chain Figaro necklace

Product no.: 52CL804
85.00 *
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