Solidary Jewel


Solidary Jewel, with a feminine and very special symbolism.

Pedrasriscas joined Mama Help, a non-profit association founded in Porto in 2011, which supports breast cancer patients.

Its main mission is to improve the quality of life of breast cancer patients through the complementarity between traditional medicine and other practices, giving substance to what is called integrative medicine. Mama Help has two more primary objectives: the dissemination of information about the disease and collaboration in scientific research work.

These Docci Jewelry jewels, in natural stones and 18k gold, were specially created to support Mama Help. They are characterized by the detail of the pink stone symbolizing the fight against breast cancer, and conveying and remembering the importance of prevention.

Join this stream of good energies! Use this jewel, support this Cause. Feel beautiful and remember the importance of prevention!

20% of the value of each piece reverts fully to Mama Help.

When you buy, you are helping!

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Hematite Solidary Bracelet

Product no.: 36DJ016
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Pear Solidary Bracelet

Product no.: 36DJ017
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