Twee Brand

Twee Brand

imagem-categoria-twee-ptTwee was created thinking of all women who want to take someone or something precious always with them! It is a brand for moms, grandmas, aunties, godmothers, sisters...


Being beautiful and taking with you your loved ones, who would not want to? A feeling that overcomes countries, cultures, so common to all women of the world.


Its launch is distinguished by the originality of Twee’s first piece: the necklace "baby on the way." Twee is the first brand to have a jewel for the expectant mother, in an entertaining way that communicates who’s on the way: boy or girl!


A touch of tenderness in the natural beauty that radiates from all women in a state of grace! A unique gift to offer someone who has just discovered she is pregnant.


Twee is delivered with all materials to make a beautiful gift wrapping.


Twee is available in its online shop worldwide!


Twee jewels are made with selected materials, noble metals such as sterling silver and with love!